Lezat Face Mask AntiViral Face Mask
Lezat Face Mask AntiViral Face Mask
Lezat Face Mask AntiViral Face Mask

AntiViral Face Mask

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Washable and reusable face mask intended for daily wear & use




  • Outer fabric is Certified Antiviral Fabric*
  • Lined with 2 layers soft GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Fabric is soft and smooth on your skin
  • 3 layers of fabric for extra protection
  • Adjustable straps to mold to all face sizes
  • Metal nose bridge to secure it across the face
  • Ear loops are adjustable and made of soft fabric that stretches and recovers
  • Comfortable nose bridge metal is encased in soft fabric and does not need to be removed for washing



  • Machine or hand wash in cold water, mild detergent, no bleach, lay flat to dry.


Includes an optional pocket for inserting a filter (Shop our filters HERE)


* RUCO-BAC AGP is a textile protection finish applied to our mask fabric as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral barrier.  The finish uses titanium dioxide and silver chloride to inhibit the attachment and spread of viruses. Silver has been used for centuries as a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial method.

How it works if bacteria or viruses find their way to your mask:

  • Blocks oxygen-transporting enzymes to stunt growth and strength
  • Inhibits microorganisms, like bacteria and viruses, from locking on and rupturing
  • Destabilizes the protein structures of bacteria, limiting their pathways

Ok, so after all that, it’s pretty clear this is good stuff.  Here are some of RUCO-BAC AGP’s other powerful stats -

  • Immediate anti-viral effects against Coronavirus when compared to untreated fabric
  • 52%-97.77% reduction of virus
  • 44%-97.21% reduction of virus after 5 washes
  • 02% reduction of virus after 20 washes

The durability and waste reduction of a RUCO-BAC AGP treated mask is in the numbers and keeps you confident that even after you wash your mask, it’s still protecting you.  It stops odor-causing bacteria as well, which never hurts after a long day of mask-wearing.

As with our other face mask options, the RUCO-BAC AGP treated mask delivers the following:

  • Adjustable metal molding around nose area for proper fit
  • Optional pocket for a filter
  • Washable fabric


All masks are final sale for health and safety reasons.



Lezat makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, that the mask prevents infection of the transmission of viruses or diseases. Mask is not for children under the age of 2. Please visit cdc.gov/coronavirus for further guidance.

Why choose LEZAT?

KNOW WHERE YOUR GOODS ARE MADE... All Lezat products are proudly handmade in sunny Los Angeles, California

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